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Mold removal otherwise known as mold remediation or sometimes water damage restoration is normally not performed until the source of the mold and the levels of home air quality and testing

with respect to indoor mold contamination have been determined.mold removal toronto

When cleaning mold generally it is recommended to have a containment setup under negative air pressure using negative air machines with HEPA filtration. Otherwise mold when it is disturbed and uncontrolled can contaminate the rest of the household including contents, furniture and carpets and can cost you thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

Cleaning mold from drywall or carpet or other porous materials to get rid of mold is generally not recommended as it tends to contaminate the area worse than if it had not been disturbed.

Mold can normally be cleaned off of wood and other solid non-porous products using specialized products as well as wiping, and sometimes an abrasive method of cleaning such as sanding, wire-brushing, or even dry ice blasting in some cases.

Before attempting to remove black mold proper precautions must be taken. At times during a mold remediation if proper protective clothing is not worn and the proper containment is not set-up, residents within the household become sick with mold allergies such as asthma, lung infection, chronic sinusitis, skin rashes, botulism, and allergic rhinitis.

It is recommended normally to have professional mold testing or a mold inspection before a mold remediation is performed to determine the extent of the damage, the air quality as well as the type of containment and a list of recommendations necessary to prevent a future mold infestation.

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